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American Jake

Our youth program is developed to help expose and educate high school students(14-18 year olds) to the Virginia activities of hunting and fishing. Through hands on activities and experienced professionals, we are providing life long skills.

This program will be student driven and led.

Each program will be a full day activity from 9:00am-5:00pm at Little George Rod and Gun.

Lunch will be provided.

Cost- TBD

Proposed 2021-2022 Season


Dove Season Introduction- Shotgun Experience

Basics of shotgun technique and safety. Training on skeet in preparation for dove season.



Deer and Turkey Introduction - Rifle Experience

Riffle experience- siting in, mechanics to the gun. Techniques of deer and turkey hunting.



Upland Experience

Experience an upland hunt and understand the protocols of how it takes place.



Field and Farm Preparation

Controlled burns, tilling fields, what goes into preparing the land before hunting season and why.



Shotgun and Fly Fishing

Focus techniques of skeet shooting and fly fishing.